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100 Fun Sewing Projects For Beginners To Try

100 Fun Sewing Projects For Beginners To Try

In today’s post: 100 beginner sewing projects that you can start sewing right now.

In today’s post: 100 beginner sewing projects that you can start sewing right now. Use these easy sewing tutorials to whip up easy crafts and gifts – clothing, fun accessories, bags, scarves, and more!

In today’s post: 100 beginner sewing projects that you can start sewing right now. Use these easy sewing tutorials to whip up easy crafts and gifts – clothing, fun accessories, bags, scarves, and more!

If you’ve recently dipped your toes into the world of sewing, chances are you’re excited and nervous to try your hand at sewing all the amazing things people in the Missy Rose community have created. Maybe you dream of sewing up equally fancy and fun things, but you feel intimidated.

Psst, here’s a secret: Just because you’re starting out doesn’t mean you’re limited to ‘boring’ sewing projects! There are plenty of simple and fun sewing projects out there that will get you excited and addicted to sewing.

Sewing is relaxing, fun and creative. And there’s almost no limit to what you can create, even if you’re just starting out. We believe beginner sewing projects should be all about creating something you truly want or need — something to love, be proud of and feel excited to use! The key is, to begin with a couple of quick and easy sewing projects you can have success with, and build your skills from there.

sewing projects for beginners - lady sewing

In this article, we cover everything from hand sewing projects for beginners (hello, hand sewing stuffed animals!) to quick and easy 30-minute sewing projects.

Here are 100 creative and easy sewing projects for beginners that you'll be absolutely dying to sew.

What are you waiting for? Get your sewing machine ready and dive right in with your favourite project.

100 Sewing Projects For Beginners

Beginner Sewing Projects: Clothing

1. Simple Skirt by Melly Sews

Nervous about dabbling in DIY fashion? No problem. This cute skirt — which doesn’t require a pattern and can be made in any size — is hands down one of the easiest sewing projects to get started.



2. Circle Skirt by MADE Everyday

A circle skirt like this is lots of fun to wear. They twirl, they look beautiful, and best of all, they're super easy to make!



3. Pencil Skirt by MADE Everyday

Cute and super simple to sew, this pencil skirt takes just 20 minutes to make.



4. 30 Minute Skirt by SewSewEasy

Looking for an easy, quick-to-sew stretch skirt? This one is a keeper.



5. Flowy Wrap Skirt by Owlipop DIY

Try your hand at making this chic, flowy wrap skirt — divine for a summer day.



6. Maxi Skirt by Sew & Wear

Searching for the ultimate maxi skirt? Fret no more, it’s easy to make your own in exactly the fabric and pattern you like.



7. Copen Shift Dress by Made To Sew

The Copen Shift dress is stunning and easy to make. Let us know how you go!



8. Easy Skater Dress by Comicat Creations

Make your very own comfy skater dress in your favourite pattern or fabric.



9. Short-Sleeve Maxi Dress by WITHWENDY

Feel sensational when you receive compliments in this elegant short sleeve maxi dress.



10. Kimono Cardigan by SEW ALDO

Wear this versatile and pretty kimono style cardigan with any outfit — even as a swimsuit cover-up!



11. T-shirt by Makers Gonna Learn

Did you know that it’s much simpler than you think to sew your very own T-shirt? Simply sew along to this tutorial and you’ll have a favourite new shirt you can wear anywhere.



12. Easy Peplum Top by Comicat Creations

Discover how to make a stylish peplum top from scratch without a pattern!



13. Stylish Off the Shoulder Top by Comicat Creations

This cute off the shoulder top is perfect for summer. Whip it up without a pattern in under an hour.



14. Bikini Top by Melly Sews

Enjoy a blissful summer at the beach in your new retro-style DIY bikini top. Psst - we recommend using our swim fabric for this one!



15. Leggings by Comicat Creations

Make your very own adorable leggings, sans pattern, with a comfy stretch knit fabric.



Beginner Sewing Projects: Accessories

16. Easy and Stylish Tote Bag by MADE Everyday

Everyone loves a cute tote bag. Here’s a video to help you get crafty with sewing your own from scratch.



17. Cool Personalised Laptop Case by HGTV Handmade

Keep your laptop safe when on the move with this easy-to-make DIY personalised laptop case.



18. Simple Messenger Bag by Owl Be Sewing

Test out your fledgling sewing skills with this cute messenger bag.



19. Easy & Cute Summer Bag by Debbie Shore

With no zips, no pattern and no pockets, this is definitely one of the easiest handbags to make for a beginner.



20. Japanese Knot Bag by Sewspire

If you’re looking for something stylish, comfortable and no-fuss to make, this simple Japanese knot bag is a winner.



21. Double Pocket Crossbody Bag by Whitney Sews

22. Six Pocket Tote Bag by The Sewing Room Channel

If you’re feeling a little braver, try this super practical six-pocket tote bag. With these easy-to-follow instructions, it’s easier than it looks, we promise!



23. Two-Zipper Travel Bag by Owl Be Sewing

Get super organised on your next holiday with this handy two-zipper travel bag.



24. Easy Foldover Clutch by Nancy’s Notions

For your next big event, why not make this elegant foldover clutch in your favourite custom fabric?



25. Fabric Purse Wallet by sewingtimes

This fancy yet simple to make fabric purse is the ideal sewing project for a lazy afternoon. If you’re feeling a little nervous, this is the perfect place to start.



26. DIY Makeup Bag by HGTV Handmade

Make an attractive DIY makeup bag, your style, and your way, with this stress-free tutorial.



27. Infinity Scarf by The DIY Mommy

Handmade infinity scarves make incredible gifts. They take just 15 minutes to sew!



28. Easy Reversible Hooded Scarf by EasyToSew

Perfect for chilly nights, this charming scarf resembles a hoodie in the very best way.



29. Awesome iPad Case by Owl Be Sewing

Practice your zipper skills with this delightful iPad/Tablet case. The easy-to-follow instructions will help you create an iPad case built with two zippers, so you can keep not only your iPad or Tablet safe but your charger too.



30. Pretty Sunglasses Case by The Crafty Gemini

Here’s an easy tutorial to make a cute case for your favourite sunnies.



31. DIY Sleep Mask by Treasurie

Sew up a custom sleep mask in your favourite fabric for a practical, easy way to boost your sewing skills and get a comfy night’s rest.



32. DIY Rockabilly Pinup Bandana by What Abi Makes

This adorable rockabilly pinup bandana is easy and lots of fun to make.



33. Cute Elastic Headband by Sew Easy Please

It’s easy to make your own headbands to save money, bust your fabric stash and add variety to your wardrobe. Learn how to make and sew a cute fabric elastic headband.



34. Knotted Headband by EasyToSew

This simple knotted headband is the ideal DIY sewing project for a beginner.



35. Retro Scrunchie by Melly Sews

Bring back the 80s with an adorable retro scrunchie. Scrunchies are coming back into fashion, so now’s the perfect time to sew one up for yourself or for your little one to wear to school.



36. Beanie by Melly Sews

You can make this comfy beanie in just 10 minutes. All you need is one piece of fabric and a sewing machine.



37. Adorable Apron by Jordan Fabrics

Make this beautiful easy-to-sew apron in your favourite pattern.



Easy To Sew Kids Clothing

38. Superhero Cape for Kids by MySewBliss

Your little one will be thrilled to put on their new superhero identity with this awesome superhero cape.



39. Sweet Pillowcase Dress by Hobby Lobby

This sweet, simple pillowcase dress is easy to make for your little girl and a great way to use up extra scraps of fabric.



40. Girls’ Suspender Skirt by Elizabeth Bryson

Say hello to the easiest and cutest little girl skirt you could possibly make. Best of all, it’s perfect for a sewing novice and takes only 10 to 20 minutes to create.



41. Bow Tie by Charmed By Ashley

Check out this easy-to-make and handsome bow tie for little boys or your beloved pet.



42. Cute Girl’s Bolero by Frocks & Frolics Sewing Patterns

Designed for girls aged 2-6, this adorable bolero jacket will add another layer of cute to your little one’s fancy outfit.



43. Adorable Pyjama Pants by MADE Everyday

Kids are always growing and need PJs. These cute pyjama pants are easy to make, no matter your skill level.



Easy DIY Kids Accessories

44. Simple Pencil Case by Melanie Ham

Send your kids off to school with an adorable handmade pencil case, created with a fabric pattern they love.



45. DIY Pencil Case by Rhozzy G

Check out this tutorial for a simple yet stylish pencil case.



46. Cute Fabric Bookmarks by Needlepointers

If you have a little bookworm in your life, a fabric bookmark makes for a wonderful and personal gift idea.



47. Book-Reading Pillow by The Sewing Room Channel

A simple sewing project for beginners, this cute twist on a traditional pillowcase features a front pocket to hold a beloved book.



48. Crayon Holder by Crafty Crafts by Deanna

This easy-to-make fabric crayon holder comes in infinitely handy if you have a little Picasso who likes to leave his crayons strewn about the floor.



49. Fabric Flowers by Treasurie

Discover how to make adorable fabric flowers with this easy tutorial. These are perfect for adding to hair clips and turning into necklaces.



50. Gingerbread Man Soft Toy by Easy Sewing for Beginners

This soft gingerbread man toy is a perfect gift or stocking filler for kids at Christmas.



51. Easy Christmas Stocking by Make A Paper Boat

Speaking of stockings, this lovely Xmas stocking is quick and simple to sew.



Beginner Sewing Projects: Baby Clothing

52. Baby Bib by Pin, Cut, Sew

This beginner-friendly baby bib is the perfect size for a little one. The design is pretty but still saves those precious baby clothes from getting sloppy!

53. Baby Hat by MADE Everyday

This handmade baby hat is a wonderful gift for a newborn and perfect beginner project, even if you're not experienced with knits.



Simple Baby Accessories

54. Minky Baby Blanket By Professor Pincushion

Let your little one snuggle up to this cuddly baby blanket made of safe, breathable minky fabric.



55. Baby Swaddle Blanket by MySew

Bliss The perfect gift for a baby shower. Discover how to make an adorable swaddle blanket for a newborn.

56. Baby Sleep Sack by MySewBliss

Sew your own custom baby sleep sack to help your little one sleep soundly and safely.



57. Burp Cloth by MADE Everyday

Every family with a newborn needs burp cloths. And this soft and eco-friendly reusable burp cloth is incredibly easy to make!



58. Cuddle Cube Baby Block by ShannonFabrics

Make a soft cuddle cube toy for babies in just four simple steps. This cube is great for babies gaining motor control, learning to grab and control movement.



Hand Sewing Projects For Beginners

59. Hand Sewing Stuffed Animals: Sock Plushie Making by BudgetHobby

Have some fun and relax into your new hobby by getting creative with these adorable sock plushies for kids. Best of all, you’ll pick up the most crucial hand-sewing techniques!



60. Kawaii Felt Cloud Plushie by Katie K DIY

Embrace your inner child or bring joy to a little one in your life by hand stitching up one of these super cute Japanese-inspired felt clouds.



61. Cheerful Chicken by Gingercake Patterns

This fabric chicken is not only simple and fun to make, it’s a great way to level up your hand sewing skills. And your kids will love it too.



62. Felt Strawberry Keychain by Red Tart Art

This sweet strawberry keychain will make you smile every time you reach for your keys. Perfect for a back to school project.



63. Cute Stuffed Balloon Animal Toy by CUTEASY

Get your kiddos excited about crafts by showing them how to make this charming stuffed toy that looks just like a real balloon animal!



Quick and Easy Sewing Projects

64. Simple Pillowcase by MADE Everyday

If you want to sew something practical that doesn’t create too much difficulty for a beginner sewist, the classic pillowcase is a favourite for a reason. The simple rectangular shape makes it ideal for getting comfortable with sewing in a straight line.



65. Bow Pillow by Makers Gonna Learn

This super cute DIY bow pillow is a perfect gift for a little girl or teen girl.



66. DIY Floor Pillow by Random Bites Of A Sweet Life

Break out your sewing machine to DIY this giant floor pillow: perfect for comfy family nights watching movies with popcorn together.



67. Easy Floor Pouf by Fabricdotcom

This quick and easy sewing tutorial for a floor pouf will show you how to make a comfy floor pouf in a few breezy steps.



68. Beautiful Fabric Rug by Hobby Lobby

Sewing your own gorgeous handmade rug will feel very satisfying every time you see it in your home.



69. Fun Picnic Blanket by Create & Craft TV

Ideal for seamstresses of any skill level, this fun DIY picnic blanket is a must-sew project for mums everywhere.



70. Dog Bed by Create & Craft TV

Treat your favourite doggo to a luxuriously soft and comfortable dog bed that’s easy to make at home.



71. Cute Fabric Storage Bin by MADE Everyday

A cute fabric bin is endlessly versatile. It’s handy to have one — or ten — around your home. Luckily, they’re quick and straightforward to sew up.



72. Fabric Basket by Treasurie

73. Easy To Make Table Runner by Owl Be Sewing

Create your very own DIY table runner for special occasions and Xmas.



74. Easy To Sew Placemats by Rokolee DIY

75. Fabric Coaster by Whitney Sews

Use up whatever fabric scraps you have on hand to create this easy fabric coaster.



76. Fabric Napkins by The Crafty Gemini

Reduce your paper napkin use by sewing up these cute fabric napkins with the fabric design of your choice. Bonus: they’re easy to throw in the wash.



77. Tea Towel by Professor Pincushion

An unsung hero of the kitchen, a tea towel is always handy to have and brings an extra level of satisfaction when you’ve made it yourself. It’s easy to make, too.



78. Reusable Snack Bag by Sewn by Nikki

79. Reusable Grocery Bag by Virginia Lindsay

Sewing your own reusable bag for grocery shopping is a great eco-friendly sewing project that’ll help both the environment and your wallet.



80. Pot Holder by The Crafty Gemini

A handmade pot-holder is an easy sewing project that makes a great gift for a friend or family member. This endlessly useful and classic kitchen accessory is handy for setting the table and lifting hot trays out of the oven when baking. Best of all, they’re quick, easy and affordable to sew.



81. DIY Cutlery Holder by Easy Peasy Creative Ideas

Whip up this fabric creation for a portable cutlery holder you can take anywhere, from your next family holiday adventure to a Sunday afternoon picnic at the park.



82. Reusable Fabric Bowl Cover by The Crafty Gemini

Instead of reaching for the cling wrap, try making this ultra-useful fabric bowl cover you can use time and time again.



83. Simple Oven Mitts by Virginia Lindsay

These gloriously simple-to-make oven mitts are a great present for a baker. Plus, they’re super handy to have around the house.



Small Sewing Projects For Beginners

84. Easy Pocket Square by Sew Anastasia

A handmade pocket square makes for a cool gift (whether you’re crafting it for yourself or for a loved one in your life).



85. Custom Pattern Weights by Professor Pincushion

If you use a rotary cutter to cut things out, you'll definitely want these. Create your own quick custom pattern weights using leftover fabric scraps and crushed walnut shells.



86. Easy Pincushion by Melanie Ham

Perfect for the practical at heart, sew up a simple pincushion made from fabric scraps to keep your pins snug before you’re ready to use them.



87. Sewing Needle Holder Pouch by Birdcage and Thread

Scared of losing your sewing needles? Keep them from wandering with this sweet DIY needle holder pouch.



88. DIY Drawstring Pouches by Dainty Diaries

You’ll no doubt find lots of creative uses for these cute DIY drawstring pouches. Making a mini drawstring pouch is a great way to use up scrap fabric and build up your confidence with a no-risk sewing project.



89. Custom Luggage Tags by eHow

If you’re a keen adventurer or know someone who loves to travel, these DIY luggage tags make the perfect gift. Plus, they’re super quick to sew.



90. Fabric Bunting by Whitney Sews

Grow your budding sewing skills by getting creative and making your very own fabric bunting to decorate your next celebration.



91. Bedside Pocket Organiser by SewVeryEasy

Are you running out of room on your nightstand or maybe you don't have a bedside table? This simple to sew bedside pocket organiser is sure to make your life easier.



92. DIY Phone Charger Station by Create & Craft TV

We are forever charging our smartphones. Make it easy to keep a neat floor and avoid trodding on your charging smartphone with this nifty little phone charger station.



93. DIY Earphone Holder by Makers Gonna Learn

Keep your earphones stowed away in a cute holder you crafted yourself. This one little sewing project can save you so much hassle.



94. Fabric Cable Organiser by DIY by AJ

Make your very own fabric cable organiser in just five minutes by following this super simple tutorial.



95. Tissue Pack Cover by Needlepointers

If you have allergies, sewing up this cute tissue pack cover will be a godsend. Perfect ‘just in case’ item to carry in your purse.



96. Makeup Brush Carrier by The Crafty Gemini

Looking for an easy, practical and stylish way to take your makeup brushes, eyeliner, mascara or lipgloss with you? Check out this simple tutorial that takes you through the steps of making a DIY makeup brush carrier.



97. Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover Pads by eHow

For an eco-friendly alternative to disposable makeup removers, sew up these cute and cheerful reusable makeup remover pads.



98. DIY Camera Strap by A Beautiful Mess

Do you love both photography and sewing? Sew up a personalised camera strap in just three easy steps.



99. DIY Card Holder by Treasurie

This sleek fabric card-holder is an easy way to level up your interfacing skills! These make great gifts for friends or family and are great for storing your business cards.



100. Coin Purse by Sewn by Nikki

The perfect gift for kids, make this adorable coin purse in your child’s favourite pattern.



We hope you’ve enjoyed and found some inspiration with this ultimate list of fun sewing projects for beginners. Happy sewing!

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