Printing Schedule

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Date Ordered Ontime Date expected to ship Date shipping
Feb 16th - 28th Open April 16th - 28th TBA
Feb 1st - 14th Re Run Closed April 1st - 14th TBA
January 14th - 30th Closed TBA Possible delay due to International Lockdown TBA
January 1st - 7th Closed TBA Possible delay due to International Lockdown TBA
December 15th - 30th Yes February 15th - 30th Completed
December 1st - 14th Yes Feb 1st - 14th Completed
November 15th - 29th Yes Jan 15th - 29th Completed
November 1st - 14th Yes January 1st - 14th Completed

Sophia Book

31st October

Yes 1st - 14th December Completed

Aussie Round

October 16th - 30th

Yes December 16th - 30th Completed
October 1st - 14th Yes December 1st - 14th Completed


September 16th - 29th

Yes November 29th Completed

Pattern Weights

September 15th

Yes October 30th Completed
September 1st - 14th Yes November 1st - 14th Completed


August 15th - 30th

Yes Between 15th - 30th October Completed 
August 1st-14th Yes Between 1st - 14th October Completed

Mini Round

15th - 30th July

Yes Between 15th - 30th September Completed
1st-14th July Yes Between 1st - 14th September