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Learn To Sew Online | 15 YouTube Sewing Channels With Awesome Tutorials For Beginners

Learn To Sew Online | 15 YouTube Sewing Channels With Awesome Tutorials For Beginners

Do you want to learn how to sew online but have absolutely no idea where to start?

Do you want to learn how to sew online but have absolutely no idea where to start? Whether you’re eager to DIY your own wardrobe or you’re a new mum who’s keen to sew your kids’ clothing from scratch, sewing is such a practical, fun and rewarding skill to have — and a great way to celebrate your creativity. 

Do you want to learn how to sew online but have absolutely no idea where to start? Whether you’re eager to DIY your own wardrobe or you’re a new mum who’s keen to sew your kids’ clothing from scratch, sewing is such a practical, fun and rewarding skill to have — and a great way to celebrate your creativity.

If you’re keen to learn but a little short on time and feeling a bit overwhelmed, this is the guide for you. With the wealth of awesome online YouTube sewing videos out there, learning how to sew can be much easier than you might think.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up the best YouTube channels in the online sewing community and paired them with our favourite beginner tutorial videos for learning how to sew. You’re welcome and happy sewing!

Sewing For Beginners: How To Learn Sewing At Home

Before we share our recommendations for free sewing lessons and online videos, here are our tips to help you maintain momentum as you teach yourself how to sew at home:

  1. Purpose and pace - Have a think about the reason you want to learn to sew. Would you love to be able to craft clothes that fit properly? Do you want to find a way to express your unique sense of style? Do you have some extra downtime and want to use that time to make affordable, personalised clothes for your kids? Once you understand your purpose, decide how you will learn sewing online: Will you take a paid online course or watch free YouTube sewing videos? This will help you set the pace of your learning.
  2. Start small and work your way up - Don’t be afraid to start with simple projects. It’s way better to build your confidence slowly than to have unrealistic expectations and give up too soon. It’s okay (even recommended!) to practice and hone your basic sewing skills by making lots of cushions first or to make a variety of things with square or rectangular shapes and straight seams like pillowcases or tote bags, before tackling more challenging projects. Once you start on clothing, begin with a few simple skirts and basic tops to improve your confidence before progressing to clothing that requires more techniques.
  3. YouTube and the Fabric By Missy Rose community on Facebook are your best friends - If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Fabric By Missy Rose VIP community on Facebook. Our VIP group is full of experienced and novice sewists who love to share helpful advice and their hard-won wisdom! Whenever you encounter a problem, you can use a combination of this VIP group, Google and YouTube sewing videos to puzzle it out.
  4. Don’t worry about perfection, just keep sewing: Think of it this way: Every stitch and seam you sew will improve your skills and help you feel more comfortable in front of that (initially intimidating!) sewing machine. For peace of mind, baste and become friends with your seam ripper — you can always erase your mistakes and try again. Take your time when learning new, more difficult skills and techniques, and most importantly, don’t worry so much about perfection. The more you practice, the better you will get, we promise.
  5. Be kind to yourself: At the end of every sewing project, take note of any mistakes you can improve on next time, but most importantly, remember to look at what you did right and the new skills you gained! Usually, you’ll be the only one to notice the flaws in the finished product and everyone else will be so impressed that omg you MADE THAT?

Online Sewing Classes YouTube

How To Sew Your Own Clothes: The Crafty Gemini YouTube Channel

If you’re just beginning your sewing journey, start here. Vanessa from The Crafty Gemini highlights the importance of understanding your motivations for sewing, what your goals are and offers some helpful tips on how to get started.


Posting weekly DIY videos, the Crafty Gemini YouTube sewing channel offers hundreds of helpful tutorials, including a series designed just for budding sewists.

How To Sew On A Sewing Machine: MADE Everyday YouTube Channel

If you're feeling intimidated by that sewing machine in your closet or just looking to get started, this is the perfect video to build your confidence. In this video, Dana from Made Everyday shares some amazing tips, explains all the magic behind the scenes (if you’ve ever wondered how a sewing machine works) and shows you exactly how to start learning to sew with a sewing machine. 


If you like Dana’s style and energy, the MADE Everyday YouTube sewing channel offers over a hundred and fifty super clear tutorials on everything from mastering basic sewing techniques to tutorials for sewing your own DIY wardrobe, clothing for babies and kids, and making awesome gifts and home decor.

How To Sew A Straight Stitch: Style Sew Me YouTube Channel

Erin from Style Sew Me shows you how to practice and learn how to make the perfect straight stitch.


The Style Sew Me YouTube sewing channel is brimming with creative projects that are perfect for beginners.

How To Make A Pillowcase: withwendy YouTube Channel

A pillowcase is often one of the first sewing projects experts recommend to get started with when first learning how to sew. Here, Wendy from withwendy shows you how to make a cute pillowcase, with or sans poms.


The withwendy YouTube sewing channel is the perfect place to find creative DIY inspiration with hundreds of sewing projects, with the majority of her video content exploring how to upcycle thrift shop finds and make tops, bottoms and accessories for women from scratch.

How To Sew A Simple Skirt: Melly Sews YouTube Channel

If you’re eager to dive right in and make a piece of clothing for yourself or a loved one, this is an excellent place to start. In this video, Melissa from Melly Sews shows how to sew a really simple skirt in any size, without a pattern.


The Melly Sews YouTube sewing channel is brilliant for young mums looking for inspiration to sew clothing for a little boy or girl, and a little something special for yourself.

How To Use Digital Sewing Patterns: Tilly and the Buttons YouTube Channel

Have you recently downloaded some digital print-at-home PDF sewing patterns that you’re itching to try? Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons has you covered with these easy steps to turn the file on your computer into a practical paper pattern.


The Tilly and the Buttons YouTube sewing channel offers up fun and colourful online video workshops and tutorials on how to craft different styles of clothing with a wide variety of fabric types.

How To Unpick Seams: Made To Sew YouTube Channel

In this YouTube sewing tutorial, Aneka from Made To Sew shares a few simple tips on using an unpicker or seam ripper to fix sewing mistakes. 


The Made To Sew YouTube sewing channel is full of useful instructional videos for sewists who are just starting out. Tune in for guidance on sewing techniques, dressmaking, measuring and fitting.

How To Sew A Waistband: Professor Pincushion YouTube Channel

The team at Professor Pincushion are pros at making the complex and overwhelming simple to understand. Their tutorial on sewing a classic waistband will have you confidently making waistbands for skirts, pants and shorts.


The Professor Pincushion YouTube sewing channel offers up a variety of practical tutorials and patterns, making it easy to sew and learn as you watch.

How To Invisible Stitch A Hem: Easy Sewing For Beginners YouTube Channel

In this video, Domenica from Easy Sewing For Beginners demonstrates how to do an invisible stitch (also called a ladder stitch or slip stitch) in super clear, easy-to-follow steps.


The Easy Sewing For Beginners YouTube sewing channel provides helpful how-tos and easy sewing projects, with some pointers on more advanced sewing techniques as you upgrade your skills.

How To Make A Rectangle Skirt: Angela Clayton YouTube Channel

If your personal style veers toward retro, Angela from the Angela Clayton YouTube sewing channel has you sorted with amazing clothing inspired by vintage sewing patterns. One of her most basic tutorials is this simple rectangle skirt.


The Angela Clayton YouTube sewing channel is great for those of you who love retro fashion and historical costumes.

How To Make A Circle Skirt: Whitney Sews YouTube Channel

Skirts are one of the easiest projects for beginning sewists to master. Learn how to make easy circle skirts in three different ways with this video.


Whitney from the Whitney Sews YouTube sewing channel offers excellent advice on making everything from DIY kids costumes and everyday children’s clothing to handmade gifts that you will love so much you’ll be tempted to keep them for yourself.

How To Make A Circle Skirt Dress: Annika Victoria YouTube Channel

This beginner-friendly tutorial takes you through each step of making a simple circle skirt dress. The dress is Annika’s very first creation.


Annika’s YouTube sewing channel shares friendly tips from an amateur sewist as she sets about the mission of crafting her own wardrobe. If you share Annika’s goal, this is a great place to get ideas and inspiration.

How To Sew A Tshirt: Diane Deziel YouTube Channel

In this video, Diane from the Diane Deziel YouTube sewing channel shows you how to sew a T-shirt in less than 30 minutes.


Browse Diane’s YouTube tutorials for invaluable, expert sewing advice with lots of beautiful sewing patterns for adults and kids alike.

How To Sew An Invisible Zipper: So Sew Easy YouTube Channel

Follow this easy step by step tutorial from So Sew Easy for the simplest way to sew an invisible zipper.


The So Sew Easy YouTube sewing channel offers lots of free sewing patterns to get you started and is a great place to learn absolutely everything about sewing. Explore her playlists for helpful video tutorials on everything you can imagine, from how to choose fabrics to understanding all those technical sewing terms you’ve wondered about.

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